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Why does my AIR PIX sometimes bounce around instead of fly steady?. Sometimes after a crash or hard fall the sensors need to be re-set.  Simply go back to the AirSelfie app's home screen and re-calibrate your AIR PIX.  Re-calibrating it will reset th

Camera FAQs

What is the camera resolution in AIR PIX?. AIR PIX camera resolution is 12 Mega Pixel  with a 70° FOV. What is the Field of View (FOV) for the AIR PIX?. The FOV is 70 degree. What is the video resolution in AIR PIX?. AIR PIX has full HD 1920x1080p @


AIR PIX Quick Start Guide. TIPS & TRICKS FOR A SUCCESSFUL FIRST FLIGHT. Download AIR PIX quick start guide below.


Which App do I download for my AIR PIX camera?. Download the AirSelfie app from the Apple Store or Google Play onto your smartphone.  PLEASE NOTE: Be sure not to download the AirSelfie 2 app as it is not compatible with the AIR PIX. What Apple iPhone

AIR PIX Flight Control Options

Portrait mode (default mode). In this mode you are using your thumb to fly the AIR PIX and your phone is using its built-in gyroscope technology. Game control mode. In this mode you are using both thumbs to fly the AIR PIX. How to change from Portrai

How to fly AIR PIX in MANUAL & Auto-Fly in AirSelfie app

How do I fly AIR PIX in MANUAL mode?. while slowly tilting your phone away from you. Lift your thumb to stop the AIR PIX, it should hover in place. TO FLY TOWARDS you – press down on the gold button, while slowly tilting your phone towards you.  Lift

How to fly in AIR PIX APP-FREE (AutoFly & Gesture) Modes

What does APP-FREE mean?. The AIR PIX is designed to fly without being connected to a smartphone.  In APP FREE flying the AIR PIX is programmed to fly autonomously in AutoFly mode  (photos only, no video) or it can be flown using pre-assigned hand ge


How does the AIR PIX connect with a smartphone?. Once turned on the AIR PIX will generate a WiFi signal.  The AIR PIX will appear under your WiFi settings as an available WiFi network, you will see Airpix – xxxx, the 4 characters after Airpix will be

AirSelfie AIR PIX low-battery & recharging tutorial

AirPix Charging Tutorial.


AirSelfie AIR PIX  MANUAL mode tutorial. AirSelfie AIR PIX AutoFly mode in the AirSelfie app tutorial. AirSelfie AIR PIX APP-FREE AutoFly mode tutorial. AirSelfie AIR PIX hand gesture control mode tutorial. AirSelfie AIR PIX low battery & recharging

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