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Overview of all AirSelfie DevicesUpdated 10 months ago

What are AirSelfie cameras made of?

AirSelfie cameras feature an HIGH GRADE PLASTIC case to protect your flying camera from wear and tear, while keeping weight to a minimum.


How high can AirSelfie Fly?

AirSelfie can fly up to 65 feet (20 meters).


How long can AirSelfie fly on a full charge?

AirSelfie flight times range from 5-7 minutes depending on model. Additionally, The AirSelfie Power Bank is designed to be perfectly integrated with the flying camera. It gives you the possibility to charge it up to 8 times before running out of charge, thus allowing AirSelfie a flight autonomy of 45 minutes overall.


Can AirSelfie store my photos?

AirSelfie comes with a built-in 16GB micro SD memory card. That’s more than enough space to store your growing bank of memories.


Where can I buy AirSelfie?

AirSelfie is available in the US at, Amazon, and leading retailers including Best Buy. The company is developing a massive global distribution strategy to offer its products and accessories in 2022 in the US, China, Singapore, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Germany, UK, France, Republic of Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Belgium, and Luxembourg..


Where can I find out more information on AirSelfie?

More information can be found on our website at



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