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Photos and Social MediaUpdated 9 months ago

Photo & Video Gallery

The AirSelfie App stores all images and videos captured with your AIR NEO in an easy to manage Gallery. You can get to the Gallery by pressing the Gallery button in the lower right corner of the Home Screen or by pressing the Last Shot Preview image in the lower right corner of the Control-Camera Screen. 

Tip: Your aerial camera stores data on the onboard memory card and the AirSelfie app downloads the data periodically while connected. Depending on the strength of your Wi-Fi connection it may take a little time for AIR NEO to sync photos and video to your phone.

Takes you to the Full Gallery Screen.

Takes you to the last image you took.

In the Gallery you can move your best photos and video into a FAVORITES folder for easier access.

  1. Click the Select/Select all button in the upper right of the screen.

  2. Select the image you would like to make a favorite by clicking the white circle in the upper right of the image.

  3. Click the “Add to fav” heart icon in the lower left of the screen to add the image to your FAVORITES folder. The image will reside in both folders.

Click the FAVORITES tab to view the image in the FAVORITES folder.

To delete a photo or video select the image as described above and click the Delete icon.

Social Media Sharing

Photos and videos captured with your AIR NEO can easily and instantly be shared to your favorite social media platform. Simply select the image you want to share from the Gallery Screen or Image Selection Screen and click the Share icon.

Clicking the Share icon automatically pulls up your phone’s Sharing Screen. Simply select which social media platform you want to share to or if you want to send the image as a Message or Mail. Add text to your post or message then click Next and your image or video will be instantly shared.

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