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Pre flight tipsUpdated 5 months ago

1. Calibrate correctly (horizontally for best results).

Before operating your AIR NEO in any flight mode, calibrate your device. 

(It is important that you calibrate your AIR NEO the first time you connect to your smartphone, and when operating at a different location).

Ensure that the unit is on a flat level surface, turn the device horizontally then select calibrate in the App installed on your phone. Proper calibration ensures stable mid-air and return flight experiences.

Ensure that NEO is not operated in a dark/dim environment.

The AI facial technology in the AIR NEO unit is designed to focus on your eye nose and mouth to focus seamlessly on your face making it easy to capture images. AIR NEO depends heavily on good lighting to be able to detect your face to capture great images and also to return to you once it has completed taking images of you. 


To get the best experience from your AIR NEO unit, you can operate the device in areas such as within homes, museums, aquariums, indoor zoos, etc.

Try to avoid operating the unit in a room with fans or wind coming in through a window, make sure the lighting in the environment is great and also avoid you are not wearing hats or sunglasses, etc. (So that NEO can detect your face easily).

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