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What is the capture me feature?. CaptureMe is a feature to help you keep the AirSelfie2 focused on the face in the center of your photo. Making it easy to capture the perfect selfie.Once you have launched your AirSelfie2 and it is flying, you activat


AirSelfie2 offers 3 flight controls:. How do I connect the AirSelfie2 with my phone?. The AirSelfie2 can be connected via WiFi with the App. Select the device in your WiFi menu under AirSelfie. The first time you fly your AirSelfie2 you will need to

AirSelfie2 Manuals & Tutorials

ENGLISH AirSelfie2 Manual. English AirSelfie2 Manual. Spanish AirSelfie2 Manual. Spanish AirSelfie2 Manual. French AirSelfie2 Manual. French AirSelfie2 Manual. German AirSelfie2 Manual. GERMAN MANUAL. Russian AirSelfie2 Manual. Russian AirSelfie2 Man


What can I do, if the AirSelfie2 does not take off?. First check to make sure AirSelfie2 is connected to the app. You should see a green check mark at the top of your screen, indicating your AirSelfie2 is connected to your phone. You should then be a

AirSelfie2 Camera FAQs

Can I define the camera settings manually?. No, all settings are controlled by the internal software on AirSelfie2. However, you can select under setting, selecting “picture” you have the option of Multiple shot mode or delay mode;Multiple shot mode

AirSelfie2 Passcode

The Passcode for the AirSelfie2 WiFi is:. 12345678

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